We build something each day. Even when lying down dormant, we are building something; nothing positive, but we are building something.

Building something positive will require you to get up.


New Year, Old ME

I am back to this blog,  AGAIN!<. You try new things and then find new things. You find new things and then find a new version of you. The more versions of yourself that you discover in your lifetime will lead to the complete version of you. Everything we do is a motion towards happiness. Its a sea of life, and we are all (trying to) swimming towards happiness. Sometimes our strokes might conflict with other swimmers, and vice-versa. That is just the nature of swimming, and life.

ImageKeep swimming, try and avoid interrupting other swimmers. Be considerate. And never forget to let the water do 99.9% of the work. Relax and float.

Filtered filt

I’ve programmed myself to do what my mind tells me to do. I give no respect/regard to what my heart says. My heart does not think. So it’s stupid. …. But once in a while, there are those moments. Those moment when I think about her. The moment where my brain loses the fight to my heart. Those #darkmoments. Lol. My brain is well trained though, so it never goes dull. Even in those moments it gives me a response. I know in those moments that I am being stupid, but there is nothing I do about that stupidity. In a race between my heart and brain, I am proud when my brain wins, happy when my heart does. ….. scared when my heart does. If I wasn’t scared, I wouldn’t be human.

And the best thing u can be in this universe is being human 🙂 … Stay Vimming my friends


Lights out

A younger me would look up to the skies when I was in difficulty. After all, the folks before me told me that is where the good go. And if the good go to God, then the skies is where he resides.(yea I worked that out in my head). It also seemed to be the best viewpoint for earth for surveillance, which I was told God was doing always, along with Santa Clause. :-)… (btw,Santa still owes me planeteers ring i asked for. I wanted fire!, so people will fear me :). I am still waiting)

Today, when I am in difficulty, I still look to the skies. Not because I think God is sitting there, chilling and watching me. ..Lol. But because I feel smaller, and everything else feels smaller when I see and think about all the distance between me and the rest of the ‘heavenly’ bodies.

Here, I sit, at night, on this grass, with a glass of brandy, looking up in the sky, thinking about what my next move will be , typing this blog….. And up in the sky are randomly arranged beautiful little twinkle stars. Quite romantic, I tell ya. 🙂 (come join me if u are the girl I love. lol)

The truth is, we need a certain amount of darkness to see the beautiful stars. ….Dark moments in life are essential. It’s quite difficult to locate the shine without it. …. Keep #vimming my friends.


Desires and desires

So I was #vimming with a couple of homies, 11 to be exact. We had a bottle of #belverdere chilling in the ice. As usual, we started talking about attractive girls that we know, most of them celebrities. 🙂 and yes, I know many. Lol.

The first question asked was, ‘who is in your top 5?’. The best girls 5 girls (celebrities only) in your world?!!. I listed 8.(not gonna tell u who made the cut). Six other guys listed over 10 women, the rest were hitting 20. Lol

What is weird was, the common names mentioned were good looking celebrities, who did not try to make their looks the focus in their career.

Surprisingly, the women who were ‘in-your-face sexy, were not making the cut. Lol. And when they did, they where towards the end of the list.

I thought about that .. You think about it too. Make your own list. Maybe I got my stats wrong here. (doubt it. Can’t be wrong if you are a #vimer)


Mile-High Club

A week ago, I did something that I have waited all my life to do. I have had a few opportunities to accomplish this dream of mine. Unfortunately, I am usually a short on the tools needed, or a little bit of stage fright.

I am glad to say I over-came my demons, and did it. I am officially part of the ‘mile-high’ club. To top that, I did it with a Virgin 🙂 OMG. red all over.


Chilling with God

I was hanging out with God the other night. A cool nice evening of fun. He said to me,

God: ‘Mo, why do u make fun of me?, I have seen some of your Facebook statuses and tweets. You like taking jabs at me huh?’

Me: haha. Don’t act like you don’t have a sense of humor. Lol but if you were offended?, I will take it down a notch.

God: me?? Offended?? Lmaooooooooooo .. Do you think I am that emotional? I own everything. What you see and feel, and those you don’t see or feel. Don’t worry about my feelings. Worry about the feelings of your fellow man. That is what your task, and that is how I will grade you.

Me: so you are telling me I owe u nothing?? Even though you made me?

God: If I made you and all that is in existence?, what exactly are u giving to me?

Me: myself?

God: I made u. I own you. And everybody else. Those that were here, and those that will be.

Me: ok?! So now what?? U just messed with my logic. This is why I hate talking to u sometimes

God: lol look at this kid. Just do the right thing. Make the life of others better. That is it.

Me: what about those who bring pain and suffering to the mass.

God:  I will pick someone to kill them in due time. Lol it might be you. Lmao haha. But in all seriousness, they will be ‘whacked’ .. Look at history.

Me: aight man. I am tipsy now.

God: relax with the bottles, they were meant to relax you. Over-relaxing =death

Me: yea whatever. Lol

God: hmmm ok! I am out, here is my number, call me maybe??